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Submersible Pump

Control Panel

Control Panel Services Design, Manufacturing, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Electrical Control Panels Design Solutions for Electrical & Automation systems Design, Manufacturing, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Bus Ducts Maintenance of all kind of Control Panels Operations & Maintenance of Electrical & Automation systems Installation, Testing & Commissioning of all type of Automation product like AC/DC drive PLC and more Our Products Range of control panels POWER SECTION Generator Metering Panel Auto Mains Failure Panel (A.M.F.) Power Control Center (P.C.C.) Panel/li> Motor Control Center (M.C.C.) Panel Synchronizing Panels Direct On Line Starter (D.O.L.) Panel Star Delta Starter Panel High Tension Metering Panel (H.T.) Low Tension Panel (L.T.) Main Distribution Panel Sub Distribution Panel MCD Distribution Panel Auto Power Factor Control Panel (A.P.F.C.) Energy Meter Panel Load Change-Over Panel CONTROL SECTION Programmable Logic Controller Based Control Panel (P.L.C.) HMI/SCADA Panels A.C. Frequency Controller Panel D.C. Panel Motor Soft Starter Panel Temperature Control Panel Machine Operator Panel Control Desks Special Purpose Machine (S.P.M.) Panel Relay Logic Control Based Panel Automatic On/Off Street Light Panels

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